Proper maintenance and upkeep of the facilities are crucial to the life of living and workspaces. However, the numerous
complex errands involved in the process makes the job of a facility manager very tasking. Facility managers need to work
towards identifying the issues and addressing them on a real-time basis. Some of the key challenges faced by Facility Management Services today are –

Cost Control

Facility managers work on tight budgets and are required to consistently work upon and implement cost
 and cost reduction strategies. With limited resources, they need to prepare budget estimates, track
their inventory and their usage, maintenance cost, financial investment projection for service enhancement and many
more. Implementing a smart technological solution for managing these things can optimize facility operations.

Team Coordination

Effective team coordination is crucial to the success of facility management operations. Logging and managing time for
resources, maintaining timely schedules and many such tasks need strong team coordination and a good system in
place. Facility management software has become increasingly popular and in-demand to address this front
and has been comprehended to be quite effective in performing daily tasks.

Managing Failures

Facility managers need the information to flow quickly and on a real-time basis to manage the upkeep of their assets.
However, often they fall short of centralized systems and fail to have access to such information, leading to obstacles
in operations, sometimes, even system failure. A centralized automated system can help track all such incidents and
allow them to take prompt actions. Facility management software working with IoT
devices would change the entire game of facility management.

Keeping Accurate Records

Bigger the facility, the larger the data record. Managing a large facility means managing hundreds of systems and
keeping their records. Records like maintenance schedules of the systems, their working status, etc. are very important.
The absence of reliable and accurate data can give rise to many issues which could be both, expensive and
time-consuming. Manual systems for managing such records are prone to error and hence, facility managers must implement
automated tracking systems that allow them to function smoothly.

According to research, approximately 15% of customers are considering further centralizing their facilities services purchasing over the coming 3 years. And IoT enabled solutions are contributing to this in a big way.

QUALUS is ‘the’ solution that is aiding business in not only streamlining its facility management
operations but also making them efficient. The software offers automation with IoT device and is packed with smart
features like real-time alerts and Maker-checker processes that enable facility managers to have complete control over
the operations at every level. It is an effective, smart and hassle-free quality management software that is apt for any
business house that has facility management operations or BMS. Its efficacy makes it an ideal solution for facility
managers to take their facility management operations to the next level.

Go Smart, Go Paperless, Go with QUALUS!

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