Hello there entrepreneur to be! So, there is a great startup idea on your mind, and you are all set to make it big? Having your own startup is great but it’s always advisable to be prepped up with with everything associated with it. There is not just one but so many challenges faced by startups. And how do we know it? Well, we have been there, done that and helped so many others through that. With more than 800 million users in India in 2019, one needs an application that is user and user interface friendly. And we are glad to have done that already. 

  1. Facing The Competitors- Let’s get real folks. As much as it is fascinating and satisfying to have your own startup, it is challenging as well. Look around and you will realise that you have some real competition to cut through. And to build your brand stand out amongst the rest, you ought to be unique. And no, it’s not just the USP we are talking about, it’s everything about your organisation that brings the change, especially the processes. The process being the most important part needs to be impeccable. Kanishka Software Private Limited (KSOFTPL) ensures an automated a process that is just the right thing for your organisation. Transform your organisation now with the transforming solutions we provide and raise the bars!
  2. Sourcing The Assets- So you have assets in your organisation but make sure you’re making the most of them. Managing and making the most of your sources and assets will yield the best of your company. Make sure they are treated and managed well. Your asset too has a life cycle. Make the most before “it dies”. Actif by KSOFTPL with its in-built workflows, checklist, QR code and ticketing system enables a systematic and revolutionary management of assets. This mobile application makes life easier for end users and helpdesk teams. 
  3. Understanding The Needs- Your startup is your baby and for all the same reasons it is unique too. It has its own set of needs and requirements. Understanding and addressing them at the right time is the best thing to do for your organization. KSOFTPL yields solutions that perfectly address the needs of your startup. The solutions that help your baby grow in the best way possible and even beyond. Its solutions leverage the organisation progress with its technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. 
  4. Focus On the Right- So while we take care of the rest, you can focus on what really needs your attention, your work! Yes. An organisation is a small word for everything that it possesses. There are thousands of needful to be done. There are things and humans to be taken care of. So while we take care of what all we can, you can focus on your priorities and work them right. With its wide ranged versatile applications, you can systemize your work. Right from an Avant grade quality management with QUALUS to an advanced and customised visitor management system with VASCO, you can get off some work off your shoulders and get automated. 
  5. Bifurcated Payments- Money matters! Yes, it does. And we intend not to create extra pressure of bulk money getting away from you. Hence bifurcated payment structure is one thing that we offer. (Psst! It’s going to be raining discounts soon. Stay tuned for what’s coming up this festival season.)

With cutthroat competition taking a troll these days, you need to take a back seat to understand that automation is the thing of the day. Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Machine Learning and Process Automation will not only decrease your burden but will also help you stand out in the market. 

As said by Zig Ziglar“Don’t count the things you do, do the things that count”. And Process automation counts as it makes a big difference in your startups. Uniqueness is the new brand! So be it with KSOFTPL.