Doctors spend a good amount of time gathering medical information from their patients, viz. their symptoms, previous experience and treatment, etc. The further course of physical examination is determined by this information, which may conclude the diagnosis for the ailment.

The Relevance & Importance of Medical History

Apt diagnosis of patients’ ailments is very crucial for doctors as the entire course of action for treatment and its success depends on it. Patients’ medical history plays an important role in the diagnosis. A research in this domain concluded that about 70 – 90% of the medical diagnosis can be determined by the history alone. A comprehensive medical history is one of the most reliable tools that aid doctors in diagnosis and hence of great significance. 

The Roadblock

Doctors who follow the paper-driven manual process are faced with challenges of managing piles of information of their patients. This leads to an increased cost of administration. Plus, recording data for a new patient or a revisit from an old one becomes time-consuming as data needs to be tracked from the huge stock of patients’ records. This results in delayed diagnosis and treatment, not to mention, compromised efficiency

Technological Aid

IOT driven Patient Management Software for doctors are taking over the medical industry by storm and helping thousands of doctors, record and retrieve patients’ history. Most of these Clinic Management Software are CRM based and packed with features that allow online consultation to the patients. Features like AI-based prescriptions provide suggestions on medicines based on the previous history of the doctor.  Android/IOS based app version gives doctors the flexibility to manage their schedules and track their patients’ prescriptions while they are on the move. The most important part is that besides managing records of the patients, it enables doctors to take faster and better decisions on patients’ diagnosis and further treatment, proving to be efficient in terms of time, money and accuracy.

Medoc – The Hospital Management Software

Medoc is a cloud-based Clinic Management software for doctors that helps them streamline their clinic operations and maintain their patients’ records and medical history. With it loaded with features like medical reconciliation, drug dictionary, patients’ records management, doctors’ schedules and many more.

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