Effortless Attendance Management System

Track Attendance with Precision, Simplify Workforce

This innovative attendance management app combines cutting-edge technology, including location mapping and face authentication. It ensures precise check-in and checkout times, capturing locations and selfies for added security. Seamlessly integrating convenience with accuracy, it’s the ideal solution for businesses wanting to enhance their attendance tracking processes while ensuring the utmost security and reliability.

Your smart solution ->


Location Mapping

Track attendance with precision, ensuring
staff are where they need to be.


Face Authentication

Secure and streamlined check-ins using
advanced facial recognition technology.


Selfie Verification

Capture a selfie upon check-in, adding an
extra layer of authenticity.

How it works?

Step 1

Download the App

Step 2

Check in by uploading an verifying your mapped location.

Step 3

View Attendance History

Step 4

Check Out

Effortless Time Tracking & Enhanced Security

Dashboard & Reports

Simplify month-end attendance reporting with
our dashboard-automated insights or manual
reports for effortless workforce management.

Accurate Records

Say Goodbye to Manual Errors, Enjoy 100%

Enhanced Security

Facial Recognition and Location Verification for
Maximum Security.

Time & Cost Savings

Automate Attendance Tracking, Save Time and

Ready to Transform Your Attendance Management?