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The 10 Most Emerging Tech Startup In India

Kanishka Software: Transforming Present and Future Together

The Indian market today has lots of opportunities for tech-based services. There is a good future for technologies like IoT, AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and new coding techniques. The companies have started comprehending the power of digitization which is definitely going to flourish in the coming days. The government of India has set an aim to become a five trillion-dollar economy by deploying and developing through key initiatives like Digital India and Make in India etc. Indian market is flourishing at a rapid rate and proving to be an oasis for the new start-ups. The country has been blessed with a unique talent in tech-industry. Hence, it has become natural for tech-enabled start-ups to sustain and grow in India. The rise in tech-based start-ups is revolutionizing the industry on a whole different level resulting in people moving more and more towards the techno-based processes and businesses as a whole.

Transforming Present & Future Together

What started as a niche consultancy firm in 2014, a trust-worthy partner to SMEs, Kanishka Consultancy was known to offer agility in its service delivery, reduce time to market and provide better visibility to all its clients. Furthermore, the company used to specialize in offering (Business Process Management) BPM which encompasses key features like workflow management, process automation, digitized asset/process management.