With over 15 Million business hours saved in the past 8 years, we are extremely proud to have created 150+ tailored software solutions and 7+ in house products. To find the product that best fits your organisation's problems, please take a look at the products and services we offer.
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Qualus transforms the traditional paper-based quality check process to real time inspection and audit process

Smart Rabbit (“Android Mobile /Tablet Based Application") to establish minimum and maximum limit for food and food equipment temperature with IR Gun connected via bluetooth and to provide food safety, analysis, measures and precautions.


Food Order Management suite comes with Android™ based POS working on Cloud compatible in offline mode.

Turn your manufacturing processes into the revenue generating ones by cutting the loopholes, analysing the data, and strategising the resources. 


Edgeconsole SaaS based CRM, HRM, Project Management System, Asset Management & Payroll

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Let our team of experts analyze your organisation's processes minutely only to give you a more resourceful and revenue generating customised process.