Realus : A cloud-based Quality Management Suite

Realus transforms the traditional paper-based quality check process to real time Maker-Checker process giving construction companies a complete control and visibility on construction quality levels


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Realus automates the entire process of Quality management and control right from project start till issuance of Quality Certificate. Realus simply just not streamlines and automates the Quality process but with its in-built workflows, checklist, ticketing system and mobile app makes life easier for site engineers, QC teams, project managers and quality heads.

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Our Success Stories!

  • One of the top REALTY DEVELOPER in Mumbai, India needed an appropriate and accurate quality check process to check the quality of their all construction sites.
  • Initially they were following a traditional framework of quality check i.e. paperwork for each project. This used to end into managing and submitting hundreds of documents to the government for approvals.
  • We made all that issues go away by coming up with a system that allows all the checks to be done via an Android phone and makes processing simpler.
  • Android was developed such that: Site engineers upload checklists for certain projects allotted to them with images.
  • Supervisors see the checklists uploaded by specific site engineers mapped to them and authorize the checklists.
  • If there are any discrepancies, a complaint is raised and informed to site engineer.
  • There are escalation levels to these complaints.