Remember today morning when you had visited the pantry of your office? Didn’t those coffee stains on the floor get on your nerves completely? Or the panel room that wasn’t clean enough to meet your company standards? Or meeting room you are sitting with your customer is smelling bad?

Facility Management With KSOFTPL

Each organization has its own way of facility management. Maybe a supervisor to keep an eye on the cleanliness and hygiene or a team of workers aiming unanimously to one object, without much supervision. The admin team is busy creating big MIS reports on how much they are spending or saving by providing workable facilities to their employees. Worried about their real resource cost against their working efforts. And on a serious note, are they doing tasks up to the mark?

Who all are responsible to make this accurate and to the company’s standard and reputation? Is it just the admin team or internal/external facility management team or each & every working employee or just Management? It’s everyone’s responsibility.

How about a smarter way of facility management, requiring least supervision and yielding better results, and enabling statistical analysis??  

Sounds great! Doesn’t it? And we have a name to this smarter way of facility management, and we call it QUALUS – Quality for Us

Soft services like cleanliness and hygiene are the basics of building a corporate management. Whether yours is a startup or a full-fledged organisation, facility management can amplify your business by bringing a system that is more organised and productive. We know how an organisation cannot human source for everything in the organisation for it needs supervision in which the valuable time of the company needs to be invested. 

Hence, QUALUS. Less Supervision, Better Results.

What is QUALUS?

QUALUS in layman’s terms can be defined as” A module which provides facility management automation with IOT device”.

It enables better supervision for facility management with a smarter approach.  


Following are the features of QUALUS which make it ideal for any small/ big organisation. 

  1. Paperless System
  2. On-Site Team Mapping
  3. Auditing Process
  4. Scoring Mechanism
  5. Ticketing system
  6. Helpdesk to manage remote locations.
  7. Proactive Ticketing
  8. Smart analysis of the question
  9. IOT device to manage manpower efforts.
  10. Real-Time Update
  11. Customized Reports
  12. Alerts Notifications
  13. Real-Time Notifications
  14. Graphical Dashboard
  15. Web Interface
  16. Inbuilt and Customisable

QUALUS is a fuss free quality and facility management process. Its monthly reports generated with a statistical analysis makes the process more ongoing and manageable. 

They say, “A clean office boosts productivity”, and we are here to boost yours! Click here to know more.