How many times have you had visitors in your workplace? Whoever you may be, an employee, the manager, the CEO or anyone else, having visitors is a thing of the daily basis. As a head of the company, how much would you desire to keep an eye on who visits your company? How many times do they visit? And was the visit’s objective personal/ professional? You surely would like to be updated about all of that! But keeping just a visitor register, hand-filled by the receptionist doesn’t give reliance and accountability. Does it! So here’s something that’s a smarter way to keep the record and also that helps you keep a bird eye vision on the visitors of your company. We call it, VASCO, a unique VMS.

What is VASCO?

The VASCO ecosystem consists of the Vasco Terminal that sits at your reception area for guests to check in (done by the receptionist). It enables User apps for your employees and visitors for pre-registrations & super-fast check ins and overall visitor management. It is a paperless app-based system that takes the basic information about your organisation/ company to make the app customized for your company. 

How Does It Work?

VASCO comes easily on your device (Dashboard/ Application) wherein you can sign up and create your unique username and password. Once logged in, the front desk can enter the details of the visitor every time they visit the organisation/ company/ office. Details include the name of the visitor, the person they want to visit, the purpose of the meeting, time, etc. Ensuring that the visitors meet objectives in sync with that of the company’s objective helps in the organisation’s growth. The pre-registration feature helps save time for the visitor and the company, both. 

VASCO helps automate the whole process of registering the visitor, scheduling their meetings and their check outs.  


  1. Smarter VMS
  2. High Efficiency
  3. Pre-Registration
  4. Secure and Reliable
  5. Customisable
  6. Fit For All

VASCO v/s Ordinary VMS

We know how much the market is flooded with multiple types of VMSs. Then arises the main question that how VASCO is better than other VMS available right there. So, here’s the answer you’re looking for. For each organization, what matters the most is its time. Time should only be reproductive. Reproductive time embarks growth and is a significance of progress. Hence, no time should go wasted. 

Vasco ensures that whenever there’s a visitor for anyone in the organisation, the time slot for the meeting doesn’t interfere with the meeting with anyone else. VASCO gives information about “the ongoing meeting”, “the upcoming meeting” and the “meeting done”. This gives a systematic and smarter approach to the overall VMS. 

It’s time you give your BPM a smarter refresh with iOS and Android friendly VASCO, the VMS of the day! Keep an eye on every visitor activity in your company and make your organisation more productive than ever before. Sign up here.