We can’t agree more with the fact that India is a land of food and Foodies!! We love to explore the food of the world with our tingling taste buds all the time. Continental, Oriental, Thai and a large variety of Indian itself! We have all types of food around us. But there’s other side of the coin as well. The busier people are getting with their lives, the less time they have in hands to step out, checkout the menu, order food, wait for it to arrive and then finally eat it!! Well, that’s the traditional way of food order service and to be honest, it’s so time consuming! The smarter world today calls for a smarter food order management system that doesn’t just save your time but the customer’s as well (Win Win). And that leads to productivity! 

Food And Beverage Business Advancements

The technology has advanced a lot. Still the unexplored department remains of the F and B Business. Gone are the days when the traditional food order system would yield much. 

“At an event organized by the Singapore Productivity Centre for smaller F&B business owners on Monday (Jul 27, 2015), it was found that lean workflow, menu engineering and financial management are some of the ways such owners can turn passion into profits.”

Modern times demand modern measures. And we call this modern measure by the name, FOODIISOFT. 

FOODIISOFT: F & B Business Amplifier

The traditional marketing strategies would embrace branding, store designing, advertising and more. But we believe that working on your core can yield you the best. At the end of the day, the customer should be able to enjoy the meal without worrying about the time constraint. FOODIISOFT ensures that your and your customer’s valuable time does not get wasted in procedures of menu selection, bill printing, bill payment, receipt printing and all other taxing things. Rather, it Smart-ifies the entire process and makes your business more productive leaving behind a happy customer!

Smart cash flow management engineered menus to influence customers, etc help you increase your business with a high leap of 30-50%.

Features of FOODIISOFT

FOODIISOFT, the powerful yet simple to use Android-friendly app is meant to be easily used by people across the nation. Not only it has a low maintenance cost but has long battery life. Fewer complexities and abundance of properties (at both ends) make it apt for the F & B Business. Check some of them below:

  • Flexible billing with any mode of payment
  • Tracking Order Status
  • Works in Offline Mode
  • Cooking Progress Monitoring
  • Kitchen Order Ticketing
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Multiple Tasks at once
  • Maintaining Reports
  • Systematic Dashboard for an overview

FOODIISOFT automates all your F and B Business processes making it more efficient and effective. It allows Order Management, Recipe Management, Back-end Management, Menu Management, Inventory Management and so much more. 

Consumers have so many places to go to relish their favourite delicacies and enjoy quality time. Stand out amongst others by making it fuss-free and more enjoyable for them by choosing FOODIISOFT. 

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